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Everything about timber decking

Wood is a warm, natural and durable material. You can use it for different applications. One of the best known is, without doubt, timber decking. Would you like to learn more about timber decking, placement and maintenance? Then please read on.

Many types of timber decking

Timber decking faces all types of weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to the sun during the summer, humidity in the autumn and winter. As tropical wood is particularly resistant to these climatic variations, it is strongly recommended to select a tropical hardwood species for timber decking. Some common types of timber decking are Padauk, Afrormosia, Mukulungu, Itauba and Ipe. A wide range of strong and hardwearing types of timber decking in different price ranges where you will undoubtedly find something to suit your needs.

Timber decking faces all types of weather conditions.

How to place your decking

If you have you decided to equip your garden with a pleasant deck where you will always find a cosy place to sit, then the correct placement of your timber decking is the only guarantee of success. For the substructure, you can work with poles and anti-root fabric. A hard substrate such as stabilised sand, concrete, a flat roof etc. are certainly also suitable. In that case, you can use adjustable beam supports to level the deck. Once you have a good foundation, it is time to start placing your timber decking. Make sure you keep sufficient distance between the bearers (50 centimetres) and the deck boards (3 to 5 mm depending on the moisture content and the type of wood). Always use stainless steel materials to fix your timber decking to the substructure.

There is huge range of possibilities in timber decking.

Good news: timber decking requires little maintenance

By choosing timber decking in tropical hardwood, you have chosen durable robustness for years to come. Timber decking requires little maintenance, but what you can do is clean your decking from time to time using a hard non-metallic brush. You can use vinegar, a salt-water solution or bleach. This will remove dust, dirt and the beginning of moss growth quickly and efficiently. Do you notice after some time that the colour of your timber decking is turning grey? This is entirely normal and due to the influence of the sun’s UV rays on your wood. This discoloration has no impact on the lifetime or quality of your decking. However, if you would prefer to preserve the original colour of your decking as long as possible, then it is a good idea to oil or stain it. If you repeat this process every one or two years, you will be able to enjoy your timber decking for a very long time.

Discover everything there is to know about timber decking

There is huge range of possibilities in timber decking. Do you want to know more about your ideal timber decking? Do you need professional advice? At Jadimex, we take great pleasure in using our expertise to make sure you get the ideal timber decking. Feel free to contact us.

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