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Decking boards

Are you planning to install a deck? Have you considered wooden decking boards? Working with tropical hardwood has the advantage that it will give you years of enjoyment, the wood requires little maintenance and a unique and authentic look is obtained.

Installing decking boards

To install decking boards, you need material. From mounting systems to anti-rooting membrane, from drainage membranes to cross beam supports, these are all accessories that you will need for the installation. At Jadimex we prefer to work with durability class 1 tropical hardwood for the construction of your deck. Our wide range allows us to easily meet the personal preferences of our customers. Looking for a specific look? We have options in each style and of different qualities.

Have you considered wooden decking boards?

Would you like to work with a specific wood species? We tell you which wood species is or is not suited for a particular purpose.


Aesthetics of wooden decking boards

If you opt for wooden decking boards, you want to go for a specific look. No other material can create such an appearance. Customers who choose wood do so for aesthetic considerations. Moreover, our tropical hardwood is extremely durable and will look beautiful for years to come. Today's gardens often feature a combination of elements in order to create a playful effect. A wooden deck perfectly fits into this picture.

If you opt for wooden decking boards, you want to go for a specific look.

Mounting decking boards

A number of methods are available for mounting decking boards. One method is to use stainless steel screws. Technically, this is the best mounting method, but the screws remain visible on the board. Would you rather not see any material on your decking boards? Then you should choose blind mounting. Using B-fix or Hardwood clips, you will not notice anything as the material is mounted between the boards and therefore remains invisible.

Decking boards by Jadimex

Do you have any questions about the installation of decking boards? Do you have a wood species in mind, but you are not sure that it is actually suitable? At Jadimex our wood experts will help you with this. Quality is our top priority at all times. Contact us using the form or feel free to drop by.

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