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Tropical hardwood

From wooden gates to garden screens, from decking boards to retaining walls, wood is increasingly being used in gardens. Choosing durable material implies that you need to make these purchases only once in your lifetime. Tropical hardwood is much stronger than its European counterparts. Jadimex recommends you to use tropical hardwood for your projects.

What is tropical hardwood?

Tropical hardwood comes from tropical trees. The wood is selected based on durability, stability and quality. The quality of the material is such that it will last a very long time in garden projects and develop a beautiful grey patina under the influence of the sun. Different species of hardwood exist, so it is best to consider their respective properties. Not all hardwood is suited for use as a pergola or as wooden siding. Based on our many years of experience, we can help you make the right choice.

Tropical hardwood comes from tropical trees.

Tropical hardwood, if chosen wisely, is qualitatively the best wood for outdoor use.


Strengths of tropical hardwood

When you choose to work with our tropical hardwood, you can be sure to have a durable material that will last for more than 25 years. In addition, your project will develop a beautiful patina. You can treat it with wood oil to control the colour of the wood. Customers resolutely opt for tropical hardwood because it gives a unique appearance, excellent quality and a high durability.

Tropical hardwood, if chosen wisely, is qualitatively the best wood for outdoor use.

Maintenance products for tropical hardwood

Are you curious about another big advantage of tropical hardwood? It hardly requires any maintenance. Cleaning it twice a year is enough. Do you want little or no greying? Would it make you feel better if the wood received a protective coating? Then you should use wood oil. Our range includes Osmo and Rubio Monocoat.

Jadimex for custom made tropical hardwood

Jadimex has a very comprehensive range of tropical hardwood species. In addition, we have ecological alternatives such as Thermowood, Accoya, Composite, and FSC® wood. Would you like more information? Be sure to drop by at our showroom in Lovenjoel, near Leuven.

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