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We startbyplacing thesub-structure,which consists ofhardwoodjoists.

Thesejoistsare placedwith a distancebetween each other of up to50cm.

If you have soilfollowstep 1,if you have aflat surfaceofstabilized sand,concrete orotherfollow step2.If you want to create a hardwood decking on a roof terrace, followstep 3.

  1. Soil
          We recommendworking withazobepointedposts,the joists can be fixed on the posts with bolts. Over the full length of the joist every 100cm the joist must be fixed to a post.
          Theazobepostsat the corners oftheterrace must be fixed in stabilized sand,the otherpostscanbe placed straightinto the ground.
  1. Stabilized sand, concrete or another type of hard surface

The hardwoodjoistsmay be placeddirectlyonthehard surfaceifyou are sure thatthis surfaceis flatenough(the hardwoodjoistsshould be supportedeach100cm or less). Onthe outer edges ofyour hardwooddeckwe recommendto anchor the joists.

  1. Roof terrace

Ona roof terrace it is best not to put the joistsdirectlyon the roof cladding toavoid damage.You can work withadrainagecloth or-ifneed to bring your deckingat a certain height-with adjustablejoistsupports.Minimumeach 100cmyou mustprovidesupportofthe joists and this over the full length of the joists.

Oncethe joistsareplaced you can startattaching thedecking onthesubstructure.
For the fixation ofyour hardwood boards, you havethreeoptions:
  1. HardenedInoxscrews:the classical systemfor the attachmentofa terracewith screwswithasmall head.Depending on thetype of wood chosenleavean interleavingof2mm to5mm between the boards.Optionally, you canfinishit withwooden stops on top of the screws, to cover them.
  2. Hardwoodclips:Withthe invisible fixation Hardwoodclipsyou're getting aterracewith very smalljoints betweenthe boards(3mm).
  3. B-FIX:On the side ofthe decking boards isaprofile so thatthey can beattached by means ofB-FIXclips to thejoist,thusthere are novisible screwson the top ofthedeck board.

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