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Quality & wormholes
Because hardwood trees usually only have branches and leaves in the crown , this hardwood is often called "error -free " . Yet interlocked grain or knots are no mistake, however they are a perfectly natural characteristic. This also applies to the difference in color between the boards themselves. Also pinholes ( = wormholes ) are a natural aspect: these are small holes caused by insects that feed on the sap of the tree . After the tree is cut down these insects die and there is therefore no longer a danger that new pinholes will occur. The pinholes do not affect the durability or the static properties of the hardwood.

We at Jadimex are always trying to select with higher standards than the current FAS standards and we deliver hardwood with a minimum of the above properties. Complete avoidance of these features in the garden wood would not be appropriate because we try to work environmentally conscious .

Some hardwoods bleed out. If the content fluids come out of the wood this is called bleeding . These content fluids are often responsible for the durability of the hardwood and therefore extremely important. Redundant content fluids can when exposed to weathering , however, be washed out from the wood and it is difficult to remove stains from this fluid on surrounding materials. So be always cautious or let us inform you before using hardwoods in the area of pale stone , a pond or swimming pool.

Head cracks and other cracks
Hardwood boards dry very quickly at the outer ends, much faster than on the long sides. This can result in head cracks. That’s the reason why we advise to cut the boards to size during the placement. On the surface of a board a rupture can appear caused by the drying, this is perfectly natural behavior and cannot be avoided, although the gradation is different depending the wood species . As the garden timber reaches an equilibrium moisture content , the magnitude and length of these cracks diminish greatly .

Wood is always sawn lengthwise into standard foot sizes, but it is never rectified .
In Europe these lengths are expressed in millimeters or centimeters , but these are still conversions from a standard foot size. This means that there is an abnormality possible between the lengths specified on your order/invoice and the lengths supplied . This deviation can vary from board to board because these or not square cut lengths, the board may therefore be a few centimeters shorter or longer than stated on the invoice.

In general hardwoods should always be pre-drilled because otherwise screws can break off easily, can cleave the wood and its connection is less stable .

A planed board or beam, especially the longer lengths, may tend to warp. A limited curvature (about + -1 cm/m ) is easy to correct during the construction, and is thus given to the client. If the curvature is too big, the boards or beams are not sold .

Garden screens and fencing
How high should my garden fence or garden screens adjacent to that of the neighbors or the street be build? That question we often receive, but we cannot answer equally . The permitted height of your yard or garden fencing depends on the municipal laws and differs even by neighborhood or district. In most cases the default height for such outdoor fencing is 180cm or higher, which is also the reason why most garden screens are made at this height. Can you make your garden fencing higher than 180cm, than you can easily achieve this thanks to the tongue and groove screens.

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