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Azobe woven panels

Azobe woven panels
  • Azobe woven panels: 6mm6mm
  • Azobe woven panels: 50cm - 60cm - 80cm 50cm - 60cm - 80cm
  •  Azobe woven panels: 250cm => 400cm250cm => 400cm

Wood species: Azobe

Azobe is an African tropical wood specy that is very resistant against water, that is the reason why it is used in many water constructions. It is very suitable for retaining ground around a river or pond and also the make different levels in your garden. The azobe woven panels are placed behind hardwood stakes posts. Azobe can be used outside and is resistant against extreme weather. It has a red brownish colour that fades to grey when exposed to the sun. Azobe woven panels are available in different heights and lengths.

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  • Looking for Azobé, Ipé, Padouk or Thermowood?
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