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Wooden gates

Dreaming away at the sight of big wooden gates? Spotted a magnificent wooden gate somewhere? Jadimex can turn your idea into reality. Bring us a picture and we will prepare a quote for you. Working with wood means that everything can be perfectly created to measure.

Discover our wooden gates

Wooden gates not only bring aesthetic added value to a pasture or a driveway. They also provide protection in combination with garden fencing. If you choose tropical hardwood, you also get a robust gate that will last for many years. Wooden gates can be used both as entrance gate of a house or a driveway and as pasture fencing. Our wooden gates are made from durability class 1 tropical hardwood. Our expertise ensures that the wooden gate is dimensionally stable and will look good for years.

Dreaming away at the sight of big wooden gates?

Wooden gate models

Are you looking for a wooden gate to fence off your driveway? We can tailor any gate to meet your specific requirements. Together, we examine your project and elaborate a custom made gate. The wooden pasture gates are available in two traditional models: Field Gate and Don Quichotte. These gates are available in a single or double version. Please bear in mind that standard dimensions can be delivered rapidly, but that customisation is always an option.

Jadimex can manufacture all your custom made wooden gates.

Moreover, our wooden gates combine perfectly with an exclusive horse fence.

Wooden gate maintenance

Wooden gates are extremely easy to maintain. An annual cleaning is more than enough. Any moss formation can easily be cleaned off the gate. We always work with adjustable hinges to ensure the proper operation of the gate at all times.

Jadimex wood wholesaler for your wooden gates

Jadimex can manufacture all your custom made wooden gates. Do you have questions about a particular design? Would you like to know which tropical hardwood species are suitable for your gate? We are happy to help you. Please drop by at our showroom or send us an email using the contact form.

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